Weekly update 26th June 2014

Hello all

A few notices this week


1)  Please ensure that the attendance register is marked if for any reason you will not be singing at the concert.  Nick will be making the seating plan and needs to know exactly who will sing.  Also, do let Nick know if there is a reason that you are unable to attend the Thursday or Sat afternoon rehearsal.

2)  We will be wearing our standard outfit, black round neck T shirts for ladies and SCS blue jackets, black long skirts, and gents, black suits, white shirts and blue bow ties.

3) There will be a rehearsal on Thurs 10th July, afternoon rehearsal on Sat 12th July, and of course concert on evening of 12th July, all in St Mary the Virgin, Kenton.

4) The stage will be erected on Thursday 10th July.  Please arrive at 6.30pm onwards to help if you can.  Frank will be staging manager on the Thursday, so please let him know when you arrive, esp if new to this.  We also need to put the chairs on the stage so anyone who can only arrive a bit later can help with this please.

5)  We will be putting out two lists on Monday 30th June.

a)One is for people to sign if they are able to help with setting up and assisting with the refreshments.  We will be having scones, jam and cream in the interval, and have it outside if possible.

b) the other list is for members to bring in food for the band.  There is a choice of cakes/sandwiches/cakes, or if you want something easier please bring in crisps/drinks.

6)  Frances is concert manager on the night, so any queries go to her.  She will also be in charge of stewards so please let her know if you have a relative/friend who would be happy to help with this.

7)  At the end of the concert, please could everyone find somewhere to help,e.g. backstage clearing kitchen and stacking chairs, or front stage.


End of term garden party

On Monday 14th July –there will be a garden party in Mo’s garden to celebrate the end of term.  It is at the usual rehearsal time 7.45pm and everyone is invited alone with their families.  We ask for a donation of £5 for the pleasure of a cream tea and cakes in Mo’s garden.


New members

We do need new members.  Sadly people move on, usually through moving, work commitments, health etc.  Fortunately people rarely leave because they don’t like us!!  However, Harrow does have a number of choirs, all who look to recruit members.  So we need to get our voice out there.  There will be flyers that need to be placed in every public place, work environment, schools, colleges, libraries, hairdressers etc. during the holidays.  Please can every pick up at least 10 flyers and leave them somewhere near them.  Do you know of any rugby or football club, after all we need men especially!!  Also I would like to approach as many church choirs as we can as many of our present members come from here.  If there are already existing flyers in the place you visit, please remove them and replace them with a new one as I will be issuing 2014/2015 insets to go into the flyers


2014/2015, AGM and committee 

Our new term starts on Monday Sept 1st. This is the start of the new concert year.  Our AGM will be on Monday Sept 29th September.  We need at least one new committee member to take the role of Membership Secretary.  Rose is remaining with us but is focusing on Social Events and of course be responsible for the Hall.  The membership secretary would greet new members and ensure they felt comfortable, introduce them to other members and generally keep in touch as they settle down.  The only administrative task would be to add their names to the list of members and send the updated list to the relevant committee members.  If you are interested in this, or any other post, or to be just a general member please do let me know.


Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday