Weekly update 5th July 2014

Hello all

1) I start with sad news that we have some leavers.

Patrick and Pauline feel that with impending maturity they have reached the point where they would like to be Friends of the SCS rather than members.  It will be a sad loss as they have been with us for many years.  Patrick has managed our website, passing it now into Aidan’s capable hands, and has always printed our tickets.  Pauline has quietly helped often bringing in food when we next refreshments for our guest singers or players.

Beth is to move her singing and other musical skills to wider fields.  We have been lucky to have Beth for two years (at least) as when she arrived she only thought she could manage a year!!

Oge has passed her GP exams – hooray, she has a posting in Derby – boo hoo, sadly a bit too far to travel.

Finally, Marian Sewell recently moved to South London.  Marian had hoped to remain with us but the journey proved too far.  However, both she and her husband will be with us on Concert night so will be good to see her esp as her husband is one of our Stewards.


2) I will be bringing recruitment posters and flyers to spread around as many places as possible on Monday.  I will clip poster and flyers together in little packs.  I do ask that as many people as possible take a pack with them and distribute them locally.  Please  write down which places or areas you are distributing to.  Please could you also ask friends and family to put them up in their work places, sports clubs, churches, etc.


3)  I will also put out the lists for refreshments for the band, a few more contributions would help please.  Also, if a couple more members could add their names to helping with refreshments in the break that would be welcome.


4) Please remember that there is an end of term Garden party on Monday 14th July at my house to which you are all invited.  Remember that family are welcome too.


See you all on Monday.  Still time to sell tickets, it is going to be a great concert.  I am so looking forward to hearing the band and to singing with it – a first for me.