SCS Rehearsal & Concert Schedule – Autumn 2017

September     4th      Vespers 1. Dixit & 5. Laudate Dominum / Requiem 2. Dies Irae

                        11th     Vespers 2. Confitebor / Requiem 4. Rex Tremendae & 6. Confutatis

                        18th      Revise September 4th & 11th            plus AGM

                        25th      Vespers 3. Beatus Vir / Requiem 1. Requiem & 12. Lux Aeterna

October          2nd       Vespers 4. Laudate Pueri / Requiem 7. Lacrimosa & 8. Domine Jesu

                         9th       Revise September 25th & October 2nd   

                                      The isle is full of noises (for October 21st)

                       16th       Vespers 6. Magnificat / Requiem 9. Hostias, 10. Sanctus & 11. Benedictus

                       23rd      Mop up anything not covered

                       30th       Revise October 16th & 23rd

November      6th       Problem Areas

                        13th      Whole Programme

                        18th     CONCERT 

Rehearsals take place at the church hall of St William of York, Du Cros Drive, Stanmore,  HA7 4TJ from 7.45pm to 9.45pm.

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