Dates for 2019 Rehearsals & Concerts:

Spring (Three Choirs)

January                7th      14th       21st      28th

February               4th     11th       18th     25th

March                    4th     11th       18th      25th     30th (Concert)  12 rehearsals

Summer (very disjointed because of Easter and Bank Holidays)

April                       1st        8th       29th

May                     13th       20th

June                     3rd         10th     17th      24th

July                       1st          8th      11th (extra – Thursday)   13th Concert (12 rehearsals)

Rehearsals take place at the church hall of St William of York, Du Cros Drive, Stanmore,  HA7 4TJ from 7.45pm to 9.45pm.                                    

For Stanmore Choral Society Concert dates, Click here===>.