A Christmas Carol

For Organ and Choir – A modern musical adaptation of the novella by Charles Dickens.

A Christmas Carol by Philip Seaton is a collection of “themes and variations” on public domain Christmas carols,

On 4th November 2017 a recording of this work was made by members and friends of Stanmore Choral Society under the musical direction of Nick Austin and accompanied by organist John Evanson.

In the Chapel of Belmont School, Mill Hill, London, NW7

This recording is not available commercially, however it can be downloaded or listened to via the link at the bottom of this page. We hope that you will enjoy our performance. This recording remains the property of Stanmore Choral Society. There is also an information booklet to accompany the piece with the words of the six narrations (abridged quotations from Charles Dickens) and the six Stave.

Stave 1: Mary’s Ghost

Stave 2: The Spirit of Christmas Past (1914)

Stave 3: The Spirit of Christmas Present (2014)

Stave 4: The Spirit of Christmas Future (2114)

Stave 5: Intermezzo

Stave 6: The End of It

For further information about the composer and the score for this work, visit http://www.philipseaton.net/music/

Links and Resources:

Click on image here to download/view the accompanying information booklet in PDF format.

This information booklet contains performance notes, source materials,  the scripts for the Narrative passages and Stave, selected quotes and further information about Stanmore Choral Society.

Copyright 2017 – Stanmore Choral Society, Philip Seaton. All rights reserved.



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Note: Downloading this recording for any kind of public broadcast (whether by radio or as “background music” in other public places) will be subject to royalties.