Concert Programme


2019 Season Concert Dates:

Saturday March 30th 2019, at 7.30pmVERDI REQUIEM

at the Watford Colosseum.

Verdi’s Requiem is widely loved and enjoyed by audiences and performers alike and is universally acknowledged as a masterpiece of the choral repertoire – some consider it the pinnacle of achievement of choral composition.

The work will be performed as a ‘Three Choirs Concert’ – a 30-year tradition of periodic collaboration among three of Harrow’s premier choirs.  At the time of the first Three Choirs Concert, Harrow Choral Society, Harrow Philharmonic Choir and Stanmore Choral Society were the only classical choirs in the area and although that situation has changed somewhat over the decades, the tradition of performing together every few years has continued.

Each of the choirs enjoys a reputation for the high quality of their performances and the ensemble of almost 200 voices – accompanied by full orchestra – enables major works such as Requiem to be performed in the style, and to the standard, that the composer intended. Watford Colosseum is one of the few venues in the Home Counties able to accommodate the size of choir, orchestra and audience anticipated for this event. 

The concert will be led by Harrow Choral Society’s Conductor and Director of Music, Simon Williams



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